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Husband, father of nine, grandfather of two, diaconal candidate, lay catechist, ham radio op, and backyard naturalist.

My particular theological interests are the spirituality of the desert fathers and mothers (Cassian and Evagrius in particular), catechesis, and evangelization. Other interests: René Girard, Charles Taylor, Augustine, and Aquinas.

This blog is a place to organize my occasional thoughts around those things. I don’t get into work-related stuff here; this is very much on purpose. Suffice it to say that I’ve spent close to 30 years in information technology. These days, I tend to focus more on people than technology.

Places you can find me, though with varying activity. Most stuff on this blog is x-posted.


I also hang around on Metafilter. After a lengthy hiatus, I’ve also returned to Facebook, mostly to keep up with parish information.

This site is hosted on and uses the Bear theme, which I love because it’s lightweight and snappy.

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