Reflecting on Girard

I've been noodling on René Girard's memetic theory of desire for a little while now, and the more I think about it, the more it seems to explain. Here it is, in a hopelessly tiny nutshell. We are, writes Girard, imitative creatures in terms of our desires. We often don't know what we want, so we look to others for cues. Our desires then tend to be triangular: there is the individual, the other person, and the object of their mutual desire.

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Currently reading: The Lonely Man of Faith by Joseph B. Soloveitchik 📚

Gray ratsnake. One of the kids spotted it the other day and I’ve been trying to catch a look at it since for a positive ID.

Muscadines are really taking off this year. This is ‘Triumph;’ we also have a ‘Tara Gold’ that’s doing well.

Pitcher’s Stitchwort

Just got the email that Emergence Vol. 3 is available for pre-order! Pre-ordered! Such great work and beautifully produced too.

Currently reading: The Institutes, translated and annotated by Boniface Ramsey by St. John Cassian 📚

So I’ve ventured back into the Fediverse after some time away. Pros/cons about enabling the ActivityPub stuff for I like the idea of integration/crossposting but want to know if I’m unleashing a hamster avalanche first.

Kitchen is out of commission while some work is being done so I'm using the green egg as an oven tonight.  Trying to embrace a paleolithic outlook with respect to dinner time, which is to say that it'll be done when it's done. Hungry now? Go forage for grubs.