Here’s a nifty fact for you: the Catholic diocese of Orlando includes the moon.

Why? The diocese of Orlando includes Cape Canaveral, and the 1917 code of canon law gives him pastoral responsibility over any lands ‘discovered’ from that point. OTOH, a claim can be made that the military ordinariate has responsibility instead, but I’ll let the canon jurists sort that one out.

Currently reading: Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition by Paul-Marie of the Cross 📚

Pollo borracho, or “drunken chicken.” I think every country has a version of this. Black beans and rice on the side. 🇨🇺

Would you like to hear what happens when AI versions of Werner Herzog and Slavoj Zizek converse? Of course you would!

Today I learned how to have 2 apps open at once on an iPad. Probably old news for everyone else, but fairly mind blowing for me. 🙃

First week in my attempt to go paperless for classwork. Marking up docs and articles in Zotero has been flawless and I’ve been impressed with the OCR in the Nebo app for note-taking during lectures. I have the Obsidian integration working at home but am not syncing vaults so I can’t get to my notes remotely. I found some instructions for syncing to a local git repo, which I could host on the NAS. As I’m always connected to my home network for Pi-hole, this should work a treat. I just need another few hours in the day. :/

Currently reading: Carmelite Spirituality by Cardinal Anders Arborelius 📚


Cambridge MA

Trying something new: feijoada, a black bean stew with pork and beef. It’s smells ridiculously good.