Scribbles, &c.

Digital Modes

Just cobbled together a BOM for a homemade USB/sound interface for the FT450D. I was all set to buy an off-the-shelf version (Signallink or RigBlaster), but after some research and a short conversation with another ham at last night’s club meeting, I figure there’s not much to these things. For $20 or so, it’s worth a shot: USB soundcard dongle, a 6-pin mini DIN connector (think: PS/2 mouse) and a couple of 3.5mm stereo plugs seem to be all that’s required. It’ll be fun to give a shot, anyway. I already have the serial connection bit worked out for rig control.

Speaking of the club meeting, we’ve a new president and he seems pretty energized. Hoping we’re able to pull off half the stuff he was sketching out at the meeting last night.