Scribbles, &c.


We recently moved our oldest son into his university dorm, our first child to go out of state and far away. Bittersweet, to be sure, though we had all been quietly getting ready for it well in advance. The campus is small and intimate and he’ll be walking into a ready-made community by way of his teammates. It’s all very exciting.

I spent some time nosing around the campus bookstore and came upon Art Spiegelman’s Maus, which has been on my to-read list for years. So I grabbed it - the hardback definitive edition - and finished it in about 2 days.

Maus was every bit as good as I had expected. You’d think that a story as amazing as this would be tempered slightly by the format - comic book? With mice and cats? But no. If anything, it felt more focused to me. The drawing style is spare and there are panels that will be me for awhile. The story is amazing enough. Highly recommended, even if graphic novels aren’t usually your thing.