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Building Bridges, Made for Love

Just finished (in near-record time) both Building A Bridge by Father James Martin, SJ and Made for Love by Father Mike Schmitz. Both explore the same subject: LGBTQ+ people and their place in the Church. I thought the books complemented each other very well - Building A Bridge sets the stage very nicely, opening the way to a dialogue based on respect, compassion, and sensitivity. It is thoroughly pastoral in its focus. Made for Love covers some of the same ground, but takes a closer look at some of the theology. In any event, both converge in and around the same place: the universal call to God's love is just that: universal. None are exempt or cast out. The living Christ meets each of us where we are, as we are. Yes, the call to love is accompanied by a call to conversion and none are exempt from that either. The encounter of Jesus with Zaccheus the tax collector shows us a pattern: welcome and community first, conversion next. 

I see from reviews that most folks fall in an either-or stance with respect to the two authors. Sorry, but I'm not seeing it. Neither sets out to be the definitive pastoral or theological manual. Each comes off as sensitive to the struggles of the individuals and their lived experiences. Both point to our final end: life abundant in the glory of God.

I recommend both.