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Guardini on virtue

Finished up Romano Guardini's Learning the Virtues. Father Schmitz referenced it in Made for Love, so into the to-read list it went. I like it, and would recommend it to anyone looking to make progress in the spiritual life, particularly if you're a person who (like me) occasionally gets stuck doing examinations of conscience. Quick-reference cards are useful to a point, but if you (like me) run through a list that closely tracks against the Decalogue, you may come up short in the end. I mean, I didn't commit murder last month or any of these other egregious things so I must be in pretty good shape, right? Probably not.

Was I a peacemaker? Did I hunger and thirst for righteousness? Did I show mercy when it was an option? Here are questions that defy a quick yes-or-no answer. When I got angry that one time and stewed for two days, why was that? Ah, sure looks like my pride had been rightfully stung. I had nearly forgotten it, and that one's an old reliable sort of sin for me. And so it goes.

In any case, books like this can be very useful and instructive. Fr. Guardini was a wonderful writer and a particular favorite of both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. I also highly recommend his book of meditations, The Lord. Wonderful stuff in there. Up next is to clear out the accumulating periodicals: The New Atlantis, among others.

Holiday vacation is over, so it's back to the normal schedule around here: early to bed, early to rise.

Yesterday I met with our bishop for the final step in my application process. It looks like I'll be in the next formation class. I am feeling very hooray and also yikes. Pray for me!