Scribbles, &c.

A reminder: social media is not the Internet, and you can use the latter without the former pretty effectively. I wonder how long before a sort of 'primitive/retro Internet' movement takes root and spreads among the younger crowd - text-heavy, low-latency, self-curated/owned, free of the exquisitely-tuned engagement and telemetry.

Sometimes I get nostalgic and revert back to pure-text in as many places as I can. Linux makes this a little bit easier. Only the email bit was a little tricky to perfect. Here is the list of apps:

  • elinks for text-only browsing
  • newsboat for RSS
  • neomutt for email (I use a commercial email provider and a tool called offlineimap to transfer mail)
  • weechat, principally for IRC, but it also has plugins for Slack and Jabber.

If you're wondering how much of the web is useful without graphics, javascript and all the rest, the answer is: a lot more than you'd think. Many sites have "lite" versions for bandwidth constrained users. Other sites render pretty well, but to be sure, places like Amazon still need a modern browser.

Now I'm off to see if there's a way to update with vim, vscode, or atom...