Scribbles, &c.

The bicolored redwings I saw yesterday are much more likely be females of the 'standard' redwinged blackbirds. Kudos to my wife for pointing this out.  

Dusting the camera off made me want to go and recover all of my older bird photos. I had hosted them on flickr years ago, but pulled them down. Though I unfortunately seem to have lost the archive of my flickr albums somewhere along the way, I still have all the original RAW files, so I need to do a bit cleanup and editing, then invest in a better local backup solution. Probably time to pull the trigger on the NAS I've been considering for awhile.

In the meanwhile, here's a Trogon (T. violaceous  or T. ramonianus, not sure on the sex):


I took this quite a few years ago in Costa Rica. It's one of my favorite bird pics - so colorful! Right now all I can imagine is how warm it is there. :|