Scribbles, &c.

Foxes and suchlike

There have been several sightings of foxes in and around the yard; yesterday I found their den. Or one of their dens, anyway.  I also found evidence of a chicken dinner, though a head-count in our coop proves that it wasn't one of ours. The den is situated not far from the road and as I drove by yesterday afternoon, I pointed it's location out to the kids and lo, there was  fox sitting bold as day next to the entrance.  I'm going to try to get some pictures, but there's no good place to really conceal myself. They picked a good spot - hidden reasonably well but with an excellent vantage point in nearly all directions. The best shooting location is directly across the road in the middle of someone else's driveway, which might be a little weird.

My three sisters seeds have shipped and should be here by Monday. Everything else is growing apace, except for the hot peppers. I directly sowed them rather than following all the directions on the package. Maybe it's not warm enough for them yet. I'm hoping that's the case. It would be nice to know for sure before the local places sell out of vegetables and I lose the window to re-plant.

Mystagogy went well the other night. Our next topic is Discernment, which should be interesting.