Scribbles, &c.

This, that, and the other.

Wrapped up Mystagogy tonight with a session on basic apologetics. Got to the church with enough time beforehand to visit the confessional and spend 15 minutes or so before the Blessed Sacrament.

Still working my way through Zinn's People's History and the second Emergence collection. My wife is auditing some classes in preparation for post-graduate work in mathematics and spends the mornings on Zoom classes doing calculus and other arcana.

We're in a daily-thunderstorm sort of weather pattern at the moment which is good for the garden. The squash and cukes in the raised beds are going absolutely bonkers. Once again I've planted too much, and once again it's a constant struggle to keep vines trained on panels before they bust loose and take over the whole area. The Three Sisters area is still pretty chill, but I expect the pumpkins to take off before very long.

The hot peppers I direct-sowed are coming in and looking pretty good. Here's hoping they bear well in our long growing season. I really want to dry more of the chilis this time and the pickled habaneros from last year are still absolutely delicious. So yes, more, please. And this year, I will get garlic in. Two full beds, if I can pull it off. And then there are the plans for that asparagus next year, etc, etc, etc.

Radio stuff has been slow as of late. A bit of SWL with the RSPdx - utility stations and whatnot. Made a SSB contact with a Museum Ship on the Air, up in Muskegon, MI. I'll do more in the fall; there's too much to do outside in the good weather.