Scribbles, &c.

Took a small break from studying to dip into Emergence Vol 1 and devoured Winds  of Awe and Fear by Nick Hunt:

All my journeys into wild winds began with names. I saw them on a map of Europe made unfamiliar by arrowed lines—swooping north, south, east and west, down rivers, through mountain ranges, over seas and national borders—depicting the seasonal corridors of these great unseen forces that shape the continent and its cultures, often in unexpected ways. The names had a fairy-tale quality—the Bora, the Foehn, the Sirocco, the Helm, the Mistral, the Levanter, the Meltemi, the Kosava, the Lodos, and dozens more—which suggested invisible roads to follow, connecting regions that seemed quite separate in my mind. I wanted to see the effects they had on the landscapes, and the living things, over which they blew.

It's wonderful stuff. I started Fred Bahnson's On The Road with Thomas Merton last night too, but am going to try to stretch that one out a bit.